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Sparking Curiosity, from tabletops to open spaces

Young children are wired to play, and the world is full of free cardboard!  Why not plan a cardboard playground?

This book helps people working with, and caring for, 3-8 year olds spark curiosity with cardboard, no matter how much space you have available for cardboard play.  Rooted in process-based, child-centered play principles, this book empowers caregivers to give children opportunities to get curious and exploratory.

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This book includes actionable ideas for sourcing cardboard, choosing appropriate tools and materials to help children cut + attach independently, and inviting children to engage in the process of play.  Adults will get tips for how to get kids to persevere through problem solving safely and joyfully, so you can step back and observe kids at play while they engage with tools and materials that are just right for them.

This book won't give you directions for making specific things out of cardboard: there are no step-by-step instructions for projects!  You can find that in plenty of other books.  This book is unique because it supports emergent play, where kids take the lead in environments that have been curated to provide the space, time, and materials they need for deeply engaging play.

This book is appropriate for people working in all types of settings with young children: homes, day care, preschool, public school, children's museums, libraries, and more.  This resource includes information on customizing your cardboard playground with the right materials and tools to make sure you provide a just-right play environment.

Add on the pop-up play guide to help you plan an event for your community!  Whether you want to plan a birthday party or a school-wide event, this additional resource will provide you with tips for setting up and facilitating, with materials lists and checklists to help you prepare.

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You'll get a 30-page ebook (.pdf download); additional PDF for pop-up play if you select that add-on option.

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